The Mad Adventures of M.e.T.H. and The Duke

this is the photo journey of a couple of pranksters.
we eat acid, make art, smoke weed, sip tea, drink liquor, dance a lot, and know how to have a good time!

all photographs are methography to be found at



im re-uploading all files (and then sum) to my original ¬†tumblr i’m tired of managing two (well, neglecting one, managing another really)

Permalink Bernard
my trip partner and i painted him together on lsd
one way he looks like an old man with a hat
the other, a young man with a beard 
acrylic on canvas board on acid
Permalink These are my trip partners, my soul mates. I’ll love them till the day I die. Raoulie, Home is Wherever I’m with You…. Michelle, My Bell, I miss you, its been over a year since I’ve seen you, but I’ll never forget.
Permalink I Found Myself in the Rabbit Hole 
Permalink Naturally We Stayed and Played 
Permalink i never go to the mall- so to find myself there on acid before it was even open was a hellofathing